Sherlock Holmes: The True Story

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Sherlock Holmes: The True Story (2003)

Sherlock Holmes: The True Story is a Canadian documentary directed by Christopher Rowley produced by Cinenova Productions Inc. aired on Discovery Channel on 2003, starring Peter Nelson as Dr. Joseph Bell and David Bronfman as Arthur Conan Doyle. 50 minutes.

The documentary explains the pioneer activities of Dr. Joseph Bell in the forensic science and the how he inspired his student, Arthur Conan Doyle, to create Sherlock Holmes.





  • Dr. John Butts : Chief Medical Examiner (North Carolina)
  • Owen Dudley Edwards : Biographer, Arthur Conan Doyle (University of Edinburgh)
  • Richard Leary : Joseph Bell Center for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning (Edinburgh)
  • Ely M. Liebow : Biographer, Dr. Joseph Bell (North Eastern Illinois University)
  • Dr. Kathy Reichs : Forensic Anthropologist (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  • Donald Rumbelow : Author, The Complete Jack the Ripper


  • Director : Christopher Rowley
  • Producer : Christopher Rowley
  • Executive Producers : Jane Armstrong, David Lint
  • Writer/Researcher : Michael Sheehan
  • Story Editor : Gary Lang
  • Line Producer : Alex Khan
  • Cinematography : John Crawford
  • Videographer : Mike Boland
  • Art Director : Phillip Connolly
  • Music Composer : John Welsman
  • Editor : John Whitcher
  • Associate Producer : Lynn Van Rooyen
  • Production Manager : Paul Wilson
  • Art Department Researcher : Jeff Sturge
  • Visual Researcher : Anita Turcotte
  • Animation : Brian Lui
  • Casting Director : Paul E. Jackson
  • Production Coordinators : Emily Shank, Lucy Austen