Sherlock Holmes: This is the end?

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Sherlock Holmes: This is the end? (2014)

Sherlock Holmes: This is the end? is a Belgian play written by Alain Beaufort performed from 16 to 26 july 2014 at the Théâtre de l'Alena (Liège, Belgium), starring Alain Beaufort as Sherlock Holmes and Dominique Jacques as Dr. Watson.

« Follow the famous detective and his friend Dr. Watson, grappling with Professor Moriarty, in a man hunt which will bring you in the 19th century London. A 3-hours action dinner-show with 25 actors, playing in the Château de Sclessin and its garden. A high risk play at summer time in Liège!. » - Production


  • Sherlock Holmes : Alain Beaufort
  • Dr. John Watson : Dominique Jacques
  • Professor Moriarty : ?
  • ? : Barbara Demortier
  • ? : Sébastien Demortier
  • ? : Ludovic Willem