Sherlock Holmes (movie 1909)

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Sherlock Holmes is an Italian silent movie released in 1909. Black & White.

Survival status: unknown.




The two following reviews are probably about this Italian movie.

The Moving Picture World (13 march 1909, p. 302)
  • The Moving Picture World, 13 march 1909, p. 302

"Sherlock Holmes" - A film in which the great imaginary detective is depicted with considerable fidelity. The action is not especially spirited and there are instances where the characters move like wooden puppets, but in the main the picture is good. Some of the photography is poor, which is due perhaps to circumstances which could not be controlled. The subject has interest, however, and will please every audience that sees it.

The Moving Picture World (27 march 1909, p. 367)
  • The Moving Picture World, 27 march 1909, p. 367

"Sherlock Holmes." — We have had occasion to comment very favorably on the excellent staging and photography of the series of films issued by the Great Northern Film Company under the above heading. Taken in connection with a comment in our issue of the 13th, in which a film bearing the same title was severely criticised, the remarks may appear to some to be contradictory. In justice to the Great Northern Company we wish to explain that the last mentioned film bore no maker's name, and as the several comments were made by the same critic they were equally fair. Some time ago another concern sent out a film under the title of "Sherlock Holmes," but evidently did not have enough respect for their own work to stamp it with their imprint.