Sherlock Holmes (play 1999 with Edward Weeks)

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Sherlock Holmes (1999)

Sherlock Holmes is a British pantomime play written by John Finnemore and Owen Powell, directed by Matt Applewhite and John Finnemore, performed by Footlights / ADC Pantomime at the ADC Theatre (Cambridge, UK), from 23 november to 4 december 1999, starring Edward Weeks as Sherlock Holmes and Matthew Green as Dr. Watson.

The urgent call to Devon, where an enormous and unnaturally luminescent hound has been seen prowling the moor and from where Lord Charles Sandbanks has mysteriously disappeared, is only the beginning of an intricate case requiring the inimitable powers of deduction possessed by the great detective. Accompanied but seldom assisted by his faithful companion Dr. Watson, Holmes finds himself once more on the trail of his evil nemesis, Professor Moriarty. But what is the secret of the pantomime dog? Why is Watson so curiously obsessed with spiders? Must Mrs. Hudson make quite so much tea? And what possible significance can moustache wax and canapes have as instruments of evil-doing?

The play is a parodical adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel : The Hound of the Baskervilles (1901).




  • Directors : Matt Applewhite, John Finnemore
  • Playwrights : John Finnemore, Owen Powell
  • Set Design : Ursula Smith
  • Lighting Design : Edward Ratzer
  • Technical Director : Eddy Langley
  • Musical Director : Christopher Landau
  • Musical Composer : Joseph Craig
  • Producer : Gemma Rougier
  • Publicity Design : Daniel A. Morgenstern, James Seabright
  • Sound Design : Matt Johnson, Alastair Maw, Andrew Murphy
  • Visual Design : Kirstin Croney
  • Costume Design : Fiorella Sultana, Olesya Dimitricova
  • Make-up Design : Yolanda Dearson
  • Stage Manager : Kate Brown
  • Floor Manager : Eleanor Lobb
  • Properties Manager : Mark Doran
  • Master Carpenter : Matt Benham
  • Chief Electricians : Mark Hendy, Martin Brock
  • Key Grip : David Jennions
  • Sound Crew : Kevin Murphy, Matt Scarisbrick, Mark Victory
  • Stage Crew : Kevin Murphy, Zoë Christoforides, Alison Cole
  • Front of House : Alison Fleming
  • Programme Design : James Seabright
  • Assistant Producer : James Williams


  • Acknowledgments : Roger Johnson.