Sherlock Holmes (play 2015 with David Arquette)

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Sherlock Holmes (2015)

Sherlock Holmes is an American comedy written by Greg Kramer and directed by Andrew Shaver, performed between 15 october and 29 november 2015 in USA and Canada, starring David Arquette as Sherlock Holmes and James Maslow as Dr. Watson. 150 minutes.

This play premiered in Montreal in 2013 at The Segal Centre (see Sherlock Holmes with Jay Baruchel as Sherlock Holmes).

« Thrilling, humorous, full of head-scratching crimes and dazzling deduction in the face of cunning evil, Sherlock Holmes takes theatregoers on a heart-stopping adventure through the opium dens, the muddy docklands and the gritty backstreets of London during the turn of the century in a gripping new tale ripped from the original of Conan Doyle's classic stories. The production has a quirky sensibility that meshes Victorian London with modern nods to Steampunk. »





Dr. Watson (James Maslow), Sherlock Holmes (David Arquette) and Lady Irene St. John (Renee Olstead)


  • Director : Andrew Shaver
  • Playwright : Greg Kramer
  • Sound : Jesse Ash
  • Movement coach : Annie St. Pierre
  • Set, Costumes and Production : James Lavoie
  • Lights : Itai Erdal


  • 15-18 october 2015 : Ricardo Montalban Theatre (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 27 october - 8 november 2015 : Ed Mirvish Theatre (Toronto, Canada)
  • 17-22 november 2015 : Warner Theatre (Washington, USA)
  • 24-29 november 2015 : Oriental Theatre (Chicago, USA)