Sherlock Holmes (play 2017-2019 with Riccardo Giacomini)

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Sherlock Holmes (2017-2019)

Sherlock Holmes is an Italian play, written and directed by Matteo Montaperto, performed by Compagnia Readarto at the Theatro Marconi (Rome, Italy) on 25-26 november 2017 and in various locations on 23-24 february and 3 march 2019 (see dates), starring Riccardo Giacomini as Sherlock Holmes and Guido Goitre as Dr. Watson. 60 minutes.

London 2017, Baker Street. Mary, a young girl, receives in the mail a mysterious package containing handwritten letters and tied together by a red silk thread. Intrigued, she decides to start reading the manuscripts and discovers with great surprise that the sender is Mrs Mary Morstan: her great-grandmother. More than a century ago, in the apartment of Mary lived the most famous investigator of all time, a true genius of enigmas and disguises: Sherlock Holmes. The story then moves into the misty London of the late nineteenth century. The detective and his assistant Watson are faced with the worst villain of all, the mad scientist Moriarty.


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  • 25-26 november 2017: Teatro Marconi (Rome, Italy)


  • 23 february 2019 : Auditorium del Parco, L'Aquila (, Italy)
  • 24 february 2019 : Teatro Roma (Rome, Italy)
  • 3 march 2019 : Teatro Tor Bella Monaca (Rome, Italy)