Sherlock Holmes (radio 1947-1949)

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Sherlock Holmes is an American radio show broadcasted between 28 september 1947 and 6 june 1949 on Mutual and ABC, starring John Stanley as Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Shirley (e. 1-39), Ian Martin (ep. 40-43), Geroge Spelvin (ep. 44-78) as Dr. Watson. Produced by Basil Loughrane, written by Edith Meiser (ep. 1-39) and by Howard Merrill & Max Erhlich (ep. 40-78), announced by Cy Harrice and sponsored by Trimount Clothing Co. (Clipper Craft Clothes).

When Basil Rathbone left the long 1939-1946 radio series, Nigel Bruce remained as Watson but with Tom Conway as Sherlock Holmes between 1946-1947. However, the audience didn't like it very much (it lasts after 38 episodes). So a new actor was chosen to replace Sherlock Holmes. John Stanley was found and Alfred Shirley was chosen as a new Watson.

The shows were broadcastedon sundays 7pm-7.30pm (from 12 september 1948 to 26 december 1948) and on mondays 8.30pm-9pm (from 3 january 1949 to 6 june 1949).

Episode list

John Stanley (SH) & Alfred Shirley (JW)



John Stanley (SH) & Ian Martin (JW)

John Stanley (SH) & George Spelvin (JW)