Sherlock Holmes - Der Meisterdetektiv (play 2018)

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Sherlock Holmes - Der Meisterdetektiv (Sherlock Holmes - The Master Detective) is a German play, written by Kim Mira Meyer and Irina Frühwirth and directed by Saskia Averbeck, performed at the Carl Orff Hall, Gasteig Cultural Center (Munich, Germany) in 2018 and scheduled for 24 april 2021, starring Fabian Gohr as Sherlock Holmes and Adem Hancer as Dr. Watson. 70 min.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve exciting and tricky cases to captivate th audience. The production is accompanied with classical music. Actors and musicians (from the State Orchestra, Bavarian State Opera) work together to find solutions to the delicate cases of the master detective. For children 5-14 years.


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