Sherlock Holmes - Next Generation: Das Musical

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Sherlock Holmes - Next Generation: Das Musical (2019). On the poster John (John Vooijs) and Sherlock Holmes (Ethan Freeman).

Sherlock Holmes - Next Generation: Das Musical is a German musical play, written and directed by Christian Heckelsmüller, performed at the First Stage Theater (Hamburg, Germany) from 21 january to 5 april 2019 (two previews on 19 & 20 jan.), starring Ethan Freeman and Gerhard Karzel as Sherlock Holmes and Frank Logemann, Alexander di Capri and Olaf Meyer as Dr. Watson.

London, 1910. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are getting old, but have lost none of their famous sense of humour. A new case requires all their experience and sophistication. At their side, a new generation is fighting against evil, while the detective is being overtaken by the shadows of his own past. Irene Adler, his only love, left him with a legacy that will finally be solved after more than 20 years.




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  • Concept / Idea : Rudi Reschke
  • Music / lyrics : Christian Heckelsmuller
  • Book : Rudi Reschke, Christian Heckelsmüller, Jo Quirin
  • Musical direction : Christian Heckelsmüller, Jeff Frohner
  • Choreography : Marta di Giulio
  • Stage design : Dietmar Wolf, Rudi Reschke
  • Lighting design : Michael Haake
  • Sound design : Sven Baumelt
  • Costume design : Clarissa Freiberg
  • Makeup : Ute May
  • Managing Director / Producer : Rudi Reschke, Theodor Reichardt
  • Management : Kristina Perner
  • Dance Captain : Alexandra Donarski
  • Fight Captain : Michael Clauder