Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays

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Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays is a British play written by John DeGaetano, performed at Leiscester Square Theatre (London, UK) from 2 to 5 october 2013 and at Kings Head Theatre (Islington, UK) from 8 to 12 october 2013, starring Simeon Oakes as Sherlock Holmes and Roger Parkin as Dr. Watson. 90 minutes.

The play is divided in 5 short stories: A Case of Revenge, The Dilemma, The Case of the Charming Three, The Failed Attempt, The Light in the Woods. A Case of Revenge was premiered as Sherlock Holmes and a Case of Revenge at the Roy Arias Theatre in Manhattan in september 2012, with a different cast.





Plot summary

  • A Case of Revenge : Holmes himself is puzzled why a woman seeks revenge for a famous mans death...
  • The Dilemma : Holmes and Watson attempt to solve a case of an absurd scheme that might explain why one of the richest men in the city does not have a penny to his name.
  • The Case of the Charming Three : Confusion mounts when all is not what it may seem as Holmes and Watson are called into Scotland Yard to help solve an unusual missing persons case.
  • The Failed Attempt : A serial killer is on the loose, after years of investigative bedlam the city residents remain on edge. It's now up to Holmes and Watson to confront a person of interest.
  • The Light in the Woods : Holmes and Watson along with Inspector Lestrade attempt to resolve the disappearance of a young girl and the absurd systematic plan of revenge that might explain why.


  • 2-5 october 2013 : Leiscester Square Theatre (London, UK)
  • 8-12 october 2013 : Kings Head Theatre (Islington, UK)