Sherlock Holmes : L'Aventure Musicale (play 2022)

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Sherlock Holmes: L'Aventure Musicale (2022-2023)

Sherlock Holmes: L'Aventure Musicale is a French musical play, written by Samuel Safa and directed by Samuel Safa & Julien Safa, performed at the theatre Le 13e Art (Paris, France) premiered on 9 november 2022 and played from 18 february and 4 march 2023, starring Bastien Monier as Sherlock Holmes and Guillaume Pevée as Dr. Watson.

London, 1910. The news has hit the headlines: the Aztec statue of the god Tlaloc, jewel of the great national museum, has been stolen! The famous private detective Sherlock Holmes is in charge of the investigation, accompanied by his faithful sidekick Dr. Watson. But now a young detective, Emma Jones, is also on the trail of the crime. Seduced by her talents and determination, Sherlock Holmes offers her to team up, much to Dr. Watson's dismay. The case will take them far beyond a simple theft. An adventure full of mysteries, strange plots and unexpected conspiracies! To solve this enigma, our heroes will have to travel the world, discovering the secrets of India, the rites of Mexico and even the heart of Ireland! Will they be able to find the statue and catch the culprits? The answers promise to be full of surprises!




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  • 5 & 6 nov 2022 : Théâtre municipal Armand (Salon-de-Provence, France)
  • 9 nov 2022 : Le 13e Art (Paris, France)


  • 18 feb - 4 march 2023 : Le 13e Art (Paris, France)