Sherlock Holmes : La Veuve damnée (play 2023)

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Sherlock Holmes : La Veuve damnée (2023)

Sherlock Holmes : La Veuve damnée (Sherlock Holmes: The Cursed Widow) is a Swiss play, written and directed by Stéphane Albelda, performed by the Groupe Théâtrale de Salins (GTS) at the Place des Potences (Sion, Switzerland) from 24 august to 17 september 2023, starring Didier Disero as Sherlock Holmes and Gilles Métrailler as Dr. Watson.

As Queen Victoria prepares to celebrate her 60 years of reign, the streets of London seem to be haunted by a widow sowing chaos and occultism. Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Doctor Watson, commissioned by Scotland Yard, are carrying out an investigation as perilous as it is surprising.



  • Director : Stéphane Albelda
  • Playwright : Stéphane Albelda
  • Director Assistant : Kelly Lambiel
  • Music Director : Yvan Lagger
  • Music Writer : Ludovic Neurohr
  • Musicians : Band "Liberté de Salins"
  • Costumes : Cécile Revaz
  • Costumes Assistant : Christine Emery
  • Video : Guillaume Mayoraz
  • Lights : Yvan Richard (Loclight)
  • Sounds : LPS Sonorisation