Sherlock Holmes Nevében

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Sherlock Holmes Nevében (2011)

Sherlock Holmes Nevében is an Hungarian movie released on 17 december 2011 (Premiere) starring Kristof Szenasi as Holmes and Adam Ungvar as Watson.

Other titles:

  • In the Name of Sherlock Holmes (UK/US)



Full movie (hungarian version)


  • Holmes : Kristof Szenasi
  • Watson : Adam Ungvar
  • Ica Adler : Nikolett Kugler
  • Aubergine : Gabor Karalyos
  • Somnius : Tibor Gaspar
  • Maintenance man : Attila Kiss
  • Old man : Laszlo Tahi-Toth
  • Goldi : Daniel Deli


Plot summary

« Two boys, die-hard fans of Sherlock Holmes who call each other Holmes and Watson, and a sassy tomboy, Ica are about to have the adventure of their life during the summer school holiday. Holmes is a strange, silent 12 years old boy, Watson is a small, skinny nerd who is constantly bullied in the school - up until the day he finds a savior in Holmes, who's newly arrived here for the summer break. We are in a small country town where strange things happen but the adults don't take any notice of it. More and more kids dissappear into unknown, only to appear later, seemingly unharmed. But they are somewhat different, changed, transformed. Watson has started his own investigation before but didn't get very far. For Holmes this case isn't only an intellectual challenge but he genuinly wants to help. Stepping into the investigation immediately brings creepy results: a witness confesses to have seen a monster kidnapping one of the victims, and on one of the school photos someone has marked the next victim to go... They bump into the enigmatic, sassy Ica Adler, whose father was investigating similar disappearances years ago, until he himself vanished, only leaving a mysterious circus ticket behind: "Circus Infractus Somnius", the Circus of Broken Dreams. The investigation about the circus leads to other secrets and there is no way to stop anymore. Break-neck night chase in the primary school, bumping into the cryptic Maintenance Man, legend about the mysterious Dream Master - these all drive our heroes to the ultimate challenge: to solve the mystery "in the name of Sherlock Holmes", save the city's children and retrieve their everlasting dreams. » - Production