Sherlock Holmes Und Die Sieben Zwerge

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Sherlock Holmes Und Die Sieben Zwerge (1992-1994)
Sherlock Holmes...
(i.e. Alfred Müller as Hans Holms)
... und die sieben Zwerge
(... and the Seven Dwarfs)

Sherlock Holmes und die sieben Zwerge (Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Dwarfs) is a German TV series produced by DEFA-Studio Babelsberg GmbH aired from may to july 1992, with Alfred Müller as Hans Holms. This was the most expensive project of the DFF-children's television.

In 1994, the series has been compiled in one 85 minutes TV movie.

Episode List

Plot summary

A black magician brings the fairyland messed. Under his leadership, the witch from Hansel and Gretel, the host of Ritual of Refreshment and Lucky Hans fight against the good end of all fairy tales... For evil to triumph. This fairy-tale world sprung in the life of retired Detective Chief Commissioner Hans Holmes when one evening he finds the 7 Dwarfs in his living room which are asking him for help. Snow has been kidnapped! Only Holmes, his grandchildren Anne and Martin, as well as a mysterious baroque chair can still save the fairytale world now.