Sherlock Holmes and The Thalassic Room (play 2023)

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Sherlock Holmes and The Thalassic Room (2023)

Sherlock Holmes and The Thalassic Room is a British play, written by William Gillette & Arthur Conan Doyle and directed by Jack Greengross, performed by HalfBaked Productions at the Bedlam Theatre (Edinburgh, UK) on 16 february 2023, starring Carys Hrebenar as Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Ringrose as Dr. Watson.

Someone has gone missing. Sherlock Holmes is on the case, but the more he uncovers the more attention he attracts from a mysterious figure who seems to know a great deal about him. The clock is ticking as old villains return, new villains appear, and Sherlock Holmes is not only reckoning with case but his relationship with Doctor Watson.

This is an adaptation of the William Gillette's play : Sherlock Holmes (1899).