Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem (play 2018)

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Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem (2018)

Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem is an American play, written by R. Hamilton Wright and directed by Kylie McKenzie Soder, performed at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (WICA) (Langley, Whidbey Island, WA, USA) from 9 to 24 february 2018, starring David Mayer as Sherlock Holmes and Bob Atkinson as Dr. Watson.

In 1887, Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show truly appeared in London. It was Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, and people from all over the world who had descended on the city to celebrate were dazzled by gunfights, tricks on horseback, bison and the world famous Annie Oakley. The dust kicked up by this outdoor-prototype-rodeo mixed with the London fog and the crush of tourists to create an excellent cover for crime in London. What would Sherlock do — or if we want to be true Sherlock lovers — what did Sherlock do to solve a dangerous mystery in the midst of this wild and exciting time? How did he see through the dust and fog and cheering throng to what really mattered? That's what we’ll discover today as we go with Sherlock on his most difficult case yet: The American Problem.