Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the American Twins (play 2016)

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Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the American Twins (2016)

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the American Twins is an American play, written by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and directed by Beth Barnard, performed by The Baker Street Players at the Hein & Company Bookstore (Jackson, CA, USA) from 20 may to 11 june 2016, starring Brad Loffswold as Sherlock Holmes and Rolf Hein as Dr. Watson.

This script was an original work written for us by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Mrs. Yarbro has published over 95 novels including a series about Mycroft Holmes which was penned under the name Quinn Fawcett.

The Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance has nominated Baker Street Players for 3 awards for this production. The nominations are for Costume Design (Linda Hein, Beth Barnard and Makayla Balash), Production (Beth Barnard, Linda Hein and Wolf Hein), and Original Script (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro).


© Photos : Makayla Balash.



  • Director : Beth Barnard
  • Playwright : Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • Producers : Linda Hein, Wolf Hein, Beth Barnard
  • Costume Design : Linda Hein, Beth Barnard, Makayla Balash