Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

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Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon is an American movie released on 25 december 1942, produced by Universal Pictures, starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. 65 min. This is the 4th sherlockian movie in the Rathbone series.

Dr. Franz Tobel, the inventor of a revolutionary system of bomb guidance, receives help from Sherlock Holmes to leave Switzerland, where the Gestapo pursue him. Back in London, Tobel disappears mysteriously. Holmes discovers that Professor Moriarty has kidnapped him for trying to sell the invention to the highest bidder. But Tobel has divided his invention into four parts and sent them to four London scientists. The scientists' names are encrypted with the code of the dancing men. Holmes and Moriarty both have the code key. Moriarty manages to kill the first three scientists, but Holmes save the fourth and manage to save Tobel.

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  • Braun : Rudolph Anders
  • Swiss waiter : Paul Bryar
  • RAF officer : John Burton
  • Woman RAF pilot : Vicki Campbell
  • Scotland Yard man : Gerard Cavin
  • Jack Brady : Harry Cording
  • Officer #2 at test : James Craven
  • Peg Leg : Harold De Becker
  • Bobbie : Denison
  • Policeman outside Durer's : George Eldredge
  • Mueller : Paul Fix
  • RAF officer : Leyland Hodgson
  • Foot patrolman : Guy Kingsford
  • Gottfried : George Burr Macannan
  • George : Michael Mark
  • Prof. Frederick Hoffner : Henry Victor
  • Kurt : Harry Woods


  • Director : Roy William Neill
  • Associate Producer : Howard Benedict
  • Screenplay : Edward T. Lowe, W. Scott Darling, Edmund L. Hartmann
  • Director of Photography : Les White
  • Art Director : Jack Otterson
  • Associate : Martin Obzina
  • Sound Director : Bernard B. Brown
  • Technician : Paul Neal
  • Film Editor : Otto Ludwig
  • Gowns : Vera West
  • Musical Director : Charles Previn
  • Music : Frank Spinner
  • Set Decorations : R. A. Gausman
  • Associate : Edward R. Robinson
  • Technical Advisor : Tom McKnight