Sherlock Holmes en Caracas

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Juan Manuel Montesinos (Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes en Caracas was a Venezuelian movie presented at the 32nd Cartagena Film Festival (Columbia) on 13 march 2009 but was never released in theatre or DVD. It was starring Juan Manuel Montesinos as Sherlock Holmes and Gilbert Dacournan as Dr. Watson and was produced by Big Ben Productions / Tiuna Films / Foncine. 95 min.

Paul Lenti of Variety magazine (30 march 2009) wrote the following review:

« This curiosity owes more to the Firesign Theater's 'Giant Rat of Sumatra' and Monty Python than to Arthur Conan Doyle. Venezuelan filmmaker Juan E. Fresan's English-lingo venture is a self-conscious, low-budget, free-wheeling satirical mess that might possibly find homevideo interest. Title is misleading since this deconstructed Holmes merely passes through Caracas on his way to Maracaibo to aid an old friend who is married to a former Miss Venezuela. Fantastic plot, which emerges late in the film, seems tacked on to give purpose to pic's constant mugging. While weird dealings point to a pagan-worshipping governess, Holmes discovers that the ex-Miss Venezuela is really a vampire who threatens the lives of her children. In between, Holmes discusses his weak characterization, subtitles that draw attention to the sound effects, Watson shooting everything with his ubiquitous Betacam, and lots of corny costumes and tropical sets. Editing proceeds at a madcap pace, and the 20-gags-a-minute script actually pays off every once in a while. » (source:


  • Sherlock Holmes : Juan Manuel Montesinos
  • John Watson : Gilbert Dacournan
  • Miss Parker : Carolina Luzardo
  • Ex-Miss Venezuela : Maria Eugenia Cruz
  • ??? : Giles Bickford
  • ??? : Richard Cumming
  • ??? : Chippili Rutham


  • Director : Juan E. Fresán
  • Screenplay : Juan E. Fresán
  • Producers : Franklin Whaite Jr., Juan Fresán
  • Cinematography : Ricardo Younis
  • Music : Miguel Noya