Sherlock Holmes et le Chien des Baskerville (play 2016)

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Sherlock Holmes et le Chien des Baskerville (2016)

Sherlock Holmes et le Chien des Baskerville is a French play written by Etienne Simon and directed by Guy Simon, performed by the Théâtre du Kronope company in France from march to july 2016, starring Loïc Beauché as Sherlock Holmes and Pascal Joumier as Dr. Watson.

6 actors perform 30ish characters. The characters are playing with masks.

In this play, the Kronope company created a story in the story of The Hound of the Baskervilles and implementing confusing scene where madness irrigates minds. Theatrical references are scrambled to create a new stage creation where scenes are occurring like a movie.






  • Director : Guy Simon
  • Playwright : Etienne Simon
  • Decoration : Jacques Brossier
  • Sound : Etienne Simon
  • Video effects : Lucile Nabonnand
  • Masks : Martine Baudry, Lucile Molinier
  • Lights : Sébastien Combes


  • 4 march 2016 : Parvis des Fiz (Passy, France)
  • 18 march 2016 : Karavan Théâtre (Chassieu, France)
  • 31 march - 2 april 2016 : Théâtre du Chêne Noir (Avignon, France)
  • 27 may 2016 : Collège La Salle (Annecy-le-vieux, France)
  • 7-17 & 19-30 july 2016 : Fabrik'Théâtre (Festival d'Avignon, France)