Sherlock Holmes i Ludzie Jutra

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Sherlock Holmes i Ludzie Jutra (2014)

Sherlock Holmes i Ludzie Jutra (Sherlock Holmes ans the People of Tomorrow) is a Polish independant movie written and directed by Tomasz Gwincinski in 2014. 106 minutes. Format 2k dcp, frame aspect ratio 2.39, sound 5.1.

According to Joanna Gwincinska (5 august 2014): The film itself is highly metaphorical and is not based on any book of Sir Conan Doyle. I took only the name of Sherlock and used it in a title. The film and the script, which I wrote, is totally my own author vision. However, Sherlock is a character in the movie but not a main one. Nowadays in Poland people are leading an investigation about the Smolensk catastrophe and the film relates to that. We are fans of Sherlock Holmes and that is why the director and the author of the script wanted Sherlock to be a part of it.

Plot summary

Four persons - A, B, C, D sit behind the table to play a mysterious game. The rules and its aim are unknown to the observer. Every now and then, one of the players dies. There is Max - a valet, who accompany them. It is likely that Max, supported a similar bout many times before. One of the players claims that he partook in the game 200 times. Collaterally to the story of the game, there is a story of the chopped off head underway. The head tabbed with letters Anna W., is then taken away by Max from an enigmatic persona in the woods. Max is covering the head with a mask of Sherlock Holmes and next, he puts it into the refrigerator. However, Sherlock Holmes seems to be alive and in the further part of the story, he sits behind the table with the rest of the players.





  • Rabbi, Sherlock : Tomasz Gwincinski
  • Geisha : Joanna Gwincinska
  • Max : Jan Kochanowski
  • A : Piotr Kaliski
  • B : Mariusz Laudański
  • C : Artur Paczesny
  • D : Artur Beling
  • Mr. Trash : Marcin Rebarz
  • Son of Rabbi : Kamil Galuszka

  • Director : Tomasz Gwincinski
  • Screenplay : Tomasz Gwincinski
  • DOP : Rafal Gieron
  • Second unit cinematographers : Kris Serafin, Marcin Trzpiot
  • film Editor : Konrad Jakubowski
  • Music : Barbara Rich
  • Set design : Helmut Haupt
  • Sound : Hemo
  • Light : Josh Gutt
  • Production : Adam Jaworowicz