Sherlock Holmes in The Seven Wooden Figurines

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Sherlock Holmes in The Seven Wooden Figurines (2017)

Sherlock Holmes in The Seven Wooden Figurines is a British play, written by Tom Hitchcock, performed by Six Acre Productions at Manor Farm (Semer, Nr. Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK) on 30 june, 1st & 7-8 july 2017, starring Mike Henderson as Sherlock Holmes and ? as Dr. Watson.

Prior to Sir Cuthbert Worthington-Jones throwing an evening party to celebrate his new title and inheritance, of "The Manor" on the Semer Moors in Suffolk, he has recieved seven small wooden figurines; one each week for seven weeks. However on the eigth week, a few days before his celebratory party, the head of the seventh wooden figurine is severed from the body. Sir Cuthbert Worthington-Jones is worried that this could be a sign of evil intent and sends for Sherlock Holmes to help investigate the mystery of the seven wooden figurines.

Guests at the party include the well to do neightbour: Sir Montgomery Thorn and his daughter Lady Arabella Thorn, Peter Reichenbach a long time friend of sir Cuthbert from their university days, who has just returned from traveling abroad in Switzerland and appears to have a familiar face to Holmes and Watson.

However before the party can happen that evening Sir Cuthbert Worthington-Jones is found dead on his study - shot twice. The household staff are convinced the curse of the Semer Moors is to blame and that Sir Cuthbert's mad great great great Grandmother's ghost is back reaking havoc upon the moors. Leaving Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to not only solve the case of The Seven Wooden Figurines but also the murder of Sir Cuthbert Worthington-Jones.

This interactive play was performed for raising money for The Suffolk Community Foundation.