Sherlock Holmes und der Tod des Bayernkönigs

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Sherlock Holmes und der Tod des Bayernkönigs (2018)

Sherlock Holmes und der Tod des Bayernkönigs (Sherlock Holmes and the Death of the Bavarian King) is a German play, written by Otto Beckmann and Anatol Preissler and directed by Anatol Preissler, performed at the Blutenburg Theater (Munich, Germany) on 9 june to 21 july 2018, starring Julian Manuel as Sherlock Holmes and Uwe Kosubek as Dr. Watson.

An elegantly dressed lady appears at 221b Baker Street, and asks Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for help. A culture-loving relative of her has had an Egyptian mummy imported. The people involved in the transport have all been killed. Now the relative fears for his own life and for his reason, because every night the mummy whispers to him in Bavarian. The relative is none other than King Ludwig II, the young lady his cousin Therese of Bavaria.


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  • Sherlock Holmes : Julian Manuel
  • Dr. Watson : Uwe Kosubek
  • Therese von Bayern / Breznverkäuferin / Echo / Bauer / Captain / Cupid / Pharmacist / Pastor Blasius / Secretary Huber / Court Jester / Actor / Agatha Christel / Fischer / Schulz : Wolfgang Haas
  • Mrs. Hudson / Schaffner / Schwabe / Hercules Peugeot / Servant / Innkeeper / Gardener / Washer / Pastor Dominic / Mummy / Coachman / Lutz / Ritter / Actor / Dr. med. v. Gudden / Torture Cellar Ehrhardt : Martin Dudeck