Sherlock Jr.

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Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Sherlock Jr. is an American silent movie produced by Buster Keaton Productions, directed by Buster Keaton, distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation (Loew's Inc.), first released on 17 april 1924 (Louisville, Kentucky, USA), starring Buster Keaton as the projectionist / Sherlock Jr. 44 minutes.

The plot of the movie is not related to any Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. A projectionist who want to be a detective investigates to find who robbed the watch of his fiance's father.

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  • Director : Buster Keaton
  • Screenplay : Jean Havez, Joe Mitchell, Clyde Bruckman
  • Photography : Elgin Lessley, Byron Houck
  • Art Director : Fred Gabourie
  • Electrician : Denver Harmon
  • Producers : Buster Keaton, Joseph M. Schenck

Title cards

3rd title card.
  • There is an old proverb which says: Don't try to do two things at once and expect to do justice to both.
  • This is the story of a boy who tried it. While employed as a moving picture operator in a small town theater he was also studying to be a detective.
  • "Say — Mr. Detective — before you clean up any mysteries — clean up this theater."
  • The girl in the case. —Kathryn McGuire
  • The girl's father had nothing to do so he got a hired man to help him. —Joe Keaton —Erwin Connelly
  • The Local Sheik. —Ward Crane
  • "I lost a dollar — did you find it?"
  • "I lost a dollar."
  • "Some one has stolen my watch."
  • How to be a Detective
    • Rule 1. Search Everybody
    • Rule 2. Look for Clue
    • Rule 3. Examine all windows
    • Rule 4. Search for fingerprints
  • "It looks like a job for the police."
  • "I'll take charge of this case and start by searching everybody."
  • "Hey — I'm the fellow who lost the watch."
  • "Why don't you search him, too?"
  • "I'm sorry, my boy, but we never want to see you in this house again."
  • How to be a Detective
    • Rule 5. Shadow your man closely
    • Rule 6. Send for police
  • As a detective he was all wet, so he went back to see what he could do to his other job.
  • "Can you describe the man who pawned this watch?"
  • "We are lost! He is sending for the world's greatest detective — Sherlock Jr.!"
  • The crime-crushing criminologist—
  • "Don't bother to explain — this is a simple case for me."
  • "Pardon, sir. I think there is something in your drink."
  • By the next day the master mind had completely solved the mystery — with the exception of locating the pearls and finding the thief.
  • His assistant — Gillette. A gem who was Ever-Ready in a bad scrape.
  • "That's a detective. When he's dead I'll put you in there."
  • "And now I'll tell you where our little sweetie is this minute!"
  • "And she's waiting there for me."
  • "Be careful or one of us will get hurt."
  • "I never thought you'd make it."
  • "Father sent me to tell you that we've made a terrible mistake——"
  • The End