Sherlock North

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Sherlock North is an upcoming, in development, Finnish TV series produced by Snapper Films, directed by Juha Wuolijoki, starring Sherlock Holmes, Johanna Watson and Professor Moriarty. The first season will consist of 10 episodes of 1 hour each. The production budget is 5 millions euros, but they are still looking for financing, co-producers, TV broadcasters and sales agent.

Sherlock North

The production described the project as folows:

« Based on the unforgettable characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock North is a contemporary crime fiction television series, which will consist of 10 one-hour episodes. Consulting detective Mr Sherlock Holmes from London ends up in a freezingly cold northern Scandinavia facing the coldest Moriarty you have ever seen. Thankfully, he is aided by Dr Johanna Watson from Finland. The series, produced by Helsinki and Los Angeles-based Snapper Films, is being developed in collaboration with the Conan Doyle Estate Limited. »

The director, Juha Wuolijoki, told about the TV series:

« Sherlock North is a fish-out-of-water story. British, upper-class Sherlock Holmes could not be further from his comfort zone than in dark and cold Lapland. Even worse, in order to resolve a series of murders he has to deal with a Finnish small-town doctor, Johanna Watson. Nordic noir is a constantly evolving genre and the idea of making a TV series combining the Sherlock Holmes story and comedy felt so insane that I got exited right away. I am looking forward to working in subzero temperature again. »