Sidmouth v. M.C.C.

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Sidmouth v. M.C.C. is a cricket result published in The Western Times on 28 august 1902.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) lost.

Sidmouth v. M.C.C.

The Western Times (28 august 1902, p. 5)

Sidmouth went first to the wickets, the first wicket falling for 13 runs, Mann playing finely. Fox partnered him, but was soon bowled by Geeson. Brutton tried to make a stand, but after making a 4 was bowled. Mann, who had been playing finely, was caught by Moneton when the score stood at 125, to which he contributed 83. Orchard played very carefully, making mostly ones, but there were four 4's in his useful 42. C. Wells was bowled for 7 when Waller and Brown went in for hitting. Waller made three 4's and one 6 in one over. His 78 was composed of four 6's, one 5, five 4's, three 3's, five 2's, and ten l's. The M.C.C. sent in Atfield and Pritchard to the bowling of Fox and Brutton, but runs did not come freely, and when stumps were drawn five wickets were down for 76 runs. Score:—

Sidmouth. — E. W. Mann c Moneton b Conan Doyle 83, C. M. Leese e Pritchett b Geeson 4, S. C. G. Fox b Geeson 5, Rev. E. Brutton b Hearne 4, J. F. Orchard c Geeson b Morell 42, A. F. Nepean b Geeson 12, C. Wells b Geeson 7, W. H. Waller c Choplin b Geeson 78, A. Brown b Hearne 30, Lieut.-Col. Vizard b Hearne 4, P. E. Morris not out 15, extras 15. Total 299.

M.C.C. — Atfield b Fox 0, G. S. B. Pritchard Morrish b Fox 4, Geeson c and b Brutton 15, Murrell st Nepean b Fox 14, Sir Conan Doyle b Fox 7, G. G. Hearne not out 16, C. G. Pope not out 12, extra 8. Total 76.