Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Hawick and Wilton

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Hawick and Wilton is a cricket result published in The Hawick Express on 24 june 1904.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 112 runs.

Hawick and Wilton

The Sportsman (24 june 1904, p. 3)



On Tuesday Hawick and Wilton had a visit of a M.C.C. eleven, under the captaincy of Sir Arthur Comas Doyle. The match was played in Bucleuch Park, and as the weather wan fine, there was a large and fashionable attendance. The proceedings were further enlivened by pipe music supplied by three pipers of the Cameron Highlanders. Sir Arthur's team included four of the M.C.C. professionals – Murrell, the Kent wicketkeeper; G. G. Hearne, the Kent slow bowler; Geeson of Leicestershire, another slow bowler; and George Bean of Sussex. The most noted amateur in the team was Mr A. H. Wood, the well-known Hampshire player. Among the prominent absentees in the local team were Walter Storrie, Major Gowans, and Blance. Kyle had the field in capital order, and a splendid wicket prepared.

The Hawick captain (Adam Turnbull) won the toss and elected to bat, and about a quarter past eleven a start was made. Adam Turnbull and Lieut. Fortune (of the Black Watch) were the opening batsmen, the attack being entrusted to Geeson and Hearne (left-hand), the former opening from the river end. Off the Leicester prof.'s second ball Turnbull scored a single, and the last ball of the over the Lieutenant drove for a couple. Off Hearne's first over only a single was taken. In the Kent bowler's second over a separation was, however, effected, Lieut. Fortune being caught and bowled with the second ball. One for 8. Fisher followed, and got the last ball of the over through the slips for a single. Steady play followed for a while, until Fisher, by a nice square leg hit, drove Geeson to the boundary for 4. After securing a few singles, Fisher next cut Geeson for a couple, and a single in the same over brought out 20 on the telegraph board. From the next ball Turnbull was limited at long-off. The Hawick captain then had a couple of two's off Geeson. Without further augmenting his score Turnbull played on one of Hearne's slows, and he had to retire with a well-earned 13 to his credit. Two for 29. Captain Walker, D.S.O., the commandant at Stobs Camp, joined Fisher, and opened with a single. Off Hearne's first ball he was however, badly missed at mid-on, but the mistake did not — as is so often the case — prove expensive, for in the same over Hearne found his way to the Captain's stumps. Three for 31. Pender next partnered Fisher, and after scoring a single he drove Geeson to the leg boundary. The following ball he sent to the direction of long-on for a couple, but the next ball shattered his wicket. Four for 42. Inglis next went to the wickets and cut Geeson nicely for two. In the same over Fisher again got Geeson to leg for 4, and 50 was signalled after an hour's play. With his score at 26 Fisher skied one of Geeson's deliveries between the wickets, and this was taken by Murrell. Five for 56. Henderson followed, and was immediately missed by Geeson from a particularly hard return. Inglis, who was playing a steady game then met with an accident. As he was pulling one of Hearne's balls to leg he received a nasty blow on the face which necessitated his retiral to the pavilion. Fox filled the vacancy, and Henderson warn then tempted by one of Geeson's slows. The drive did not, however, come off, and he paid the penalty. Lieut. Masters joined Fox, but he was quickly held at mid-off by Anstruther. The Hawick prof. followed, and drove Geeson finely to the on for 4. With the total at 65 Fox was held by Wood. W. Turnbull, the next batsman, after securing a single, was bowled by Hearne, and then an adjournment was made for luncheon, which was served in the Pavilion by Mrs Pringle, Bridge Street. After luncheon Inglis resumed his innings along with Kyle, and before the prof. was stumped by. Murrell the total had been raised to 83. Geeson and Hearne bowled throughout, the latter on the somewhat dead wicket, occasioned by the heavy rainfall of the previous afternoon, being most difficult to play. Hearne had the splendid analysis of six for 21, Geeson having four for 59. A disappointing feature of the Hawick innings was the poor display by the military element, the Captain and the two Lieutenants only contributing four amongst them. The wicket-keeping of Murrell was a splendid exhibition. Sir A. Conan Doyle said A. H. Wood opened the batting for the visitors, facing the bowling of Kyle and Fox. With his third delivery Kyle bowled Sir Arthur before the scoring had opened. Hearne joined Wood, and runs came steadily. The bowling was eventually mastered, and W. Turnbull went on vice Fox, but still the runs came freely, and when 61 had been scored Fox was put on again at Kyle's end, and Kyle superseded Turnbull. This change brought about a separation, Fox beating Hearne with the score at 68, the retiring batsman having 28. Geeson joined Wood, and both gave a capital display, and the Hawick total was quickly passed, and the century hoisted. Wood reached his half-century amid cheering, shortly after he was caught and bowled by Turnbull with the score at 116. With a few runs added Fisher dismissed Geeson, the ball gliding off the batman's body to the wicket. Four for 123. When Bean joined Murrell there was some lively scoring, the latter hitting out freely in all directions and securing several boundaries. Just after he had scored 50 he was missed by Henderson, but was shortly afterwards bowled by Fox for 54, his score including six 4's. The other wickets gave little trouble, and the innings closed for 194. With about an hour to play the home team essayed on a second innings, and in order apparently to give the local players some opportunity to show their batting abiltes the bowlers were changed, Sir Arthur and Forbes going on. Adam Turnbull and Captain Walker, who were the opening batsmen, made a good stand, the latter having 36 before he was bowled by Forbes. Turnbull played an excellent game, and secured his half-century before he got in front of one of Murrell's deliveries, Sir Arthur and Forbes having by that time given way to Murrell and Bean. When time was called at 6.30 the house team had scored 100 for the loss of four wickets. Scores:—


  • A. Turnbull, b Hearne ... 13
  • Lieut. Fortune, c and b Hearne ... 2
  • P. R. Fisher, c Murrell, b Geeson ... 26
  • Captain Walker, b Hearne ... 1
  • J. Pender, b Geeson ... 7
  • W. H. Inglis, not out ... 16
  • F. Henderson, b Geeson ... 0
  • W. Fox, c Wood, b Hearne ... 1
  • Lieut. Masters, c Anstruther, b Hearne ... 1
  • Kyle (prof.), st Murrell, b Geeson ... 12
  • W. Turnbull, b Hearne ... 1
  • Extras ... 3
  • Total ... 83

Second Innings.

  • A. Turnbull, lbw, b Murrell ... 51
  • Captain Walker, b Forbes ... 36
  • W. H. Inglis, c Geeson, b Bean ... 9
  • P. R. Fisher, c Geeson, b Murrell ... 2
  • Lieut. Fortune, not out ... 0
  • Extras ... 2
  • Total for 4 wickets ... 100


  • Sir A. Conan Doyle, b Kyle ... 0
  • A. H. Wood, c and b W Turnbull ... 54
  • Hearne, b Fox ... 28
  • Geeson, b Fisher ... 19
  • Murrell, b Fox ... 54
  • Bean, c and b Fox ... 11
  • H. M. Harris, c Pender, b Kyle ... 0
  • Major Elliot, c A. Turnbull, b Kyle ... 3
  • R. A. Anstruther, c Henderson, b Kyle ... 3
  • Captain Eden, b Fox ... 2
  • C. W. Forbes, not out ... 1
  • Extras ... 19
  • Total ... 194



O. M. R. W.
Geeson 20.5 1 59 4
Hearne 20 5 11 6


O. M. R. W.
Kyle 27.3 1 71 4
Fox 19 0 52 4
W. Turnbull 12 0 43 1
Fisher 3 0 0 1

HAWICK (2nd Innings).

O. M. R. W.
Forbes 9 1 46 1
Conan Doyle 5 1 23 0
Murrell 7.1 1 13 2
Bean 4 1 10 1