Sir Conan Doyle. Impressions of Australia

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Sir Conan Doyle. Impressions of Australia is an article written by a journalist of The Argus (Melbourne, Australia) on 8 january 1921.

Sir Conan Doyle. Impressions of Australia

The Argus (8 january 1921)


Impressions of Australia.

"Spiritual Deadness" Alleged.

LONDON. Jan. 7.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, witting in the "International Psychic Gazette" in reference to the lack of interest shown in spiritualism during his Australian tour, says:- "Amid the causes are a press boycott, caused partly by an ignorant want of proportion and partly by moral cowardice and the fear of finding later either that they have backed the wrong horse or given the wrong horse fair play. They are very backward and far behind countries like Iceland and Denmark in their knowledge of what has been done in spiritualism. They are dear folk, these Australians; but, Lord, they want spirituality and dynamiting out of their groves, though. The Presbyterians actually prayed that I might not reach the country. This is rather near murder, if they really thought their rotten prayers would avail them. The result was an excellent voyage. It is the unliveliness and spiritual deadness of this place which gets on my nerves."