Sir Doyle's Disaster (play 2019)

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Sir Doyle's Disaster (2019)

Sir Doyle's Disaster is an American play, written by Kaylynn Lundgren, Deanna Byford & Jeramy Byford and directed by Spencer Loeffler, performed by Cascia Hall Theatre company at the Helmerich Theatre of the Cascia Hall Performing Arts Center (Tulsa, OK, USA) on 2 and 3 november 2019, starring Spencer Loeffler as Sherlock Holmes and Elliott Ingram as Dr. Watson.

The play was the midle school production of the Cascia Hall, a catholic college preparatory school.

What happens to a community theatre production during tech week when the director stars himself as Sherlock Holmes, the assistant theatre manager is jealous, an actress doesn't show up, and several last-minute crew members are added? Total mayhem of course!



  • Director : Spencer Loeffler
  • Playwright : Kaylynn Lundgren, Deanna Byford, Jeramy Byford
  • Assistant Director : Grace Rolen
  • Stage Manager : Addy Darden
  • Costumes : Mandy Higo
  • Set Design : Jeramy Byford, Deanna Byford
  • Light Design : Isaac Ingram, Deanna Byford
  • Spotlights : Aiden Kaltenbacher, Amelia Huntsman
  • Sound Design : Addison Zenthoefer, Jeramy Byford
  • Video Design : Jeramy Byford
  • Foley Board Design : Patrick Zetik
  • Photography : Jason Norwood
  • Box Office : Rebekah Peddy
  • Camera : John Skrzypczak, Trent Tabler
  • Camera Switcher : Menaya Desilve, Maddy Palmer
  • Tech : Jeramy Byford
  • Hair, Make-up, Costumes : Victoria Sorano, Ellie Cooper, Mary Kate Heatherman, Ellie Armstrong, Janice Diaz De Leon, Toby Martin
  • Set Building: Jon Coursen
  • Food Coordinating : Holly Sherman
  • Cast Coordinating : Michal Loeffler