Some Stories By Famous Men

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Dustjacket (1916, Hearst's International Library Co.)

Some Stories By Famous Men is a collection of anecdotes told by famous men of that time, among these one was told by Arthur Conan Doyle. First published in 1915 by Hearst's International Library Co.. Reprinted in 1916.

Despite the cover showing 12 + "150 others", there is 209 authors in the book,

Some Stories By Famous Men

Here is only Arthur Conan Doyle's part:

SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, known over the world as a teller of good stories in print, is equally good as an after-dinner raconteur. This is one of his briefer anecdotes of child-life.

Hoping to be the first to relate some unwelcome news, the youth rushed into the house and said:

"Father, I had a fight with Percy Raymond to-day."

"I know you did," replied the father soberly. "Mr. Raymond came to see me about it."

"Well," said the son, "I hope you came out as well as I did."