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Songs of the Road

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Smith, Elder & Co. Title Page (1911)

Songs of the Road is a volume collecting 33 poems written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published by Smith, Elder & Co. on 16 march 1911.

The volume is divided in three parts:

  • Narratives verses and songs
  • Philosophic verses
  • Miscellaneous verses

The book is dedicated: "To J. C. D. This-and All. February 1911."



I. - Narrative Verses and Songs

II. - Philosophic Verses

III. - Miscellaneous Verses


If it were not for the hillocks
You'd think little of the hills;
The rivers would seem tiny
If it were not for the rills.
If you never saw the brushwood
You would under-rate the trees;
And so you see the purpose
Of such little rhymes as these.