Spiritualists' Votes

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Spiritualists' Votes is an article published in The Glasgow Herald on 17 september 1928.

Spiritualists' Votes

The Glasgow Herald (17 september 1928, p. 12)

Sir A. Conan Doyle and the Next Election

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stated on Saturday that the votes of the Spiritualists — who have decided to take an active part in the next General Election — can decide the issue in many constituencies. Their platforms will be their churches, and Spiritualists will be asked to vote for the candidate whose party has given an assurance that they shall be free from what Sir Arthur called "religious persecution."

The political parties have been approached and told what the Spiritualists propose, but they have not yet been asked for any promise.

"We are determined to put politics on one side on the next election, and to vote for the Harty which will stop the religious persecution which is going on. We are not asking anything unreasonable. We don't want to uphold fortune-telling or any nonsense of that sort. We want to use our churches and run our meetings in our own way. To prevent us doing that is religious persecution.

"If the present Government want us to support them, they must clear this thing up before Parliament is dissolved and remove these obsolete and harassing laws, from the Statute Book. If they do not, we shall vote against them at the next election."