Stonyhurst Wanderers v. Preston

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Stonyhurst Wanderers v. Preston is a cricket score result published in the Manchester Evening News on 5 august 1885.

The result was a draw (according to Cricket Archive).

Stonyhurst Wanderers v. Preston

Manchester Evening News (5 august 1885, p. 3)

This afternoon a match was commenced between Stonyhurst Wanderers team, a vacation eleven, and Preston Cricket Club. The Wanderers have a strong team, sixteen good cricketers being eligible. They are Messrs. Tempest, Radcliffe, Doyle, Tubey, H. C. John, G. A. John, Killion, Cahalane, Lambkin, Hutt, Harrison, Higginson, Chichester, Whitty, Quirk, and Taaffe. To-morrow they play Haughton, next Liverpool, then Phoenix Park, Dublin Garrison, Dublin Long Vacation Eleven, and the Viceregal Club.