The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (play 2015 with Garret Storms)

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The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (2015)

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence is an American play written by Madeleine George, directed by Emily Scott Banks, performed at the Stage West Theatre (Fort Worth, TX, USA) from 19 february to 22 march 2015, starring Garret Storms as Dr. Watson.

Garret Storms played 4 Watsons (Dr. John H. Watson dressed as Sherlock Holmes ; IBM's computer named Watson ; Thomas A. Watson, Alexander G. Bell's assistant ; and Watson, an IT guy). There is no Sherlock Holmes character in the play.




© Photos : Buddy Myers.



  • Director : Emily Scott Banks
  • Playwright : Madeleine George
  • Production Stage Manager : Jim Covault
  • Technical Director : Nate Davis
  • Set Design : Jim Covault
  • Costume Design : Michael Robinson/Dallas Costume Shoppe
  • Lighting Design : Michael O'Brien
  • Sound Design : Rich Frohlich
  • Projection Design : Nate Davis
  • Props/Set Decor : Lynn Lovett