The Adventures of Gerard

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The Adventures of Gerard (1970)

The Adventures of Gerard is a British movie, written by H. A. L. Craig and directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, produced by Sir Nigel Films, released in november 1970 (UK), starring Peter McEnery as Colonel Etienne Gerard. 88 minutes.

Etienne Gerard is a Hussard of Napoleon Bonaparate. While a campaign in Spain, the French Emperor gives Gerard the mission to bring an important message to Marshal Massena, who is besieging the castle of Count Morales. But the English army and the beautiful countess Morales will try to intercept Gerard and take the message...

The movie is a mix of Brigadier Gerard stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle between 1894 and 1910. His son Adrian Conan Doyle was a technical adviser for the movie.



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  • Fighter : Omero Capanna
  • ? : Solvi Stubing


  • Director : Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Screenplay : H. A. L. Craig
  • Technical Advisers : Adrian Conan Doyle, John Mollo
  • Co-Scenario : Henry E. Lester, Gene Gutowski, Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Producers : Henry E. Lester, Gene Gutowski
  • Music : Riz Ortolani
  • Cinematography : Witold Sobocinski
  • Production Design : Bill Hutchinson
  • Costume Design : Dario Cecchi
  • Casting : Jose Villaverde
  • Camera Operator : Andrzej Kostenko
  • Assistant Director : Tony Brandt
  • Script : Yvonne Axworthy
  • Art Director : Luciano Spadoni
  • Special Effects : Roy Whybrow
  • Editors : John S. Smith, Alistair McIntyre
  • Dubbing Editors : Dennis Lanning, Peter Keen
  • Sound re-Recordist : Hugh Strain
  • Set Dresser : Ken Muggleston
  • Make-Up : Euclide Santoli
  • Wardrobe : Franco Antonelli
  • Hairdreser : Mara Rocchetti
  • Assistant Art Director : Alan Roderick Jones
  • 2nd Unit Cameraman : Enzo Barboni
  • Make-Up for Claudia Cardinale : Antonio Macacci
  • Hair-Stylist for Claudia Cardinale : Grazia de Rossi
  • Assistant Producer : George Fowler
  • Post Production Consultant : John Haggarty
  • Associate Producer : Peter Beale
  • Production Manager : Valerio de Paolis