The Birthplace of Spiritualism

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The Birthplace of Spiritualism is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The International Psychic Gazette in july 1922.

The Birthplace of Spiritualism

To the Editor of The International Psychic Gazette

My Dear Lewis, — Our tour has been unprecedented in success, and all New York records were broken when for the seventh time I filled the Carnegie Hall, which is as big as the Queen's Hall. When we passed Rochester it occurred to me that it is no credit to us that we have no monument there to celebrate an event which has meant so much. My idea is an international subscription from all who have had benefit from it, so as to put up a fine inscribed obelisk. If we don't take ourselves seriously no one else will. I wonder if you would ventilate it in the Gazette and see how people take it. I would lead with fifty pounds. I thought of proposing it at Chicago where the Spiritualists have a big reception in our honour, but it will not be any use unless it is international. I know how badly we need money in every direction but really we should tap some of those wealthy people who have had good from this sacred knowledge.