The Boers and our Wounded

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The Boers and our Wounded is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Times on 13 july 1901.

The Boers and our Wounded

The Times (13 july 1901)


Sir, — With reference to the alleged atrocity at Vlak-fontein, might I be allowed to quote the wise and temperate words of a Boer officer in a communication which I received to-day ? "I am glad," he says, "that you refrain from chronicling all the regrettable incidents where this strict rules of civilized warfare have been disregarded on either side... They are generally caused by irresponsible individuals or by misunderstanding, and yet they are able to create more ill-feeling than anything else if dwelled upon too much." In large masses of men there must be a certain percentage of brutes. Let them be punished individually, but do not let them be the cause of general accusations and increased racial hatred.

Yours faithfully,

Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere, July 12.