The Boz Club new members

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This article was published in The Sphere on 4 june 1904.


The Sphere (4 june 1904, p. 230)

The Boz Club, the interesting dining club which has Charles Dickens for its patron saint and Lord James of Hereford for its president, has obtained a considerable accession of members since its last dinner, the following gentlemen having joined its ranks:—

The Earl of Halsbury
Lord Knollys
Mr. John Morley
Lord Rothschild
Sir W. H. Russell
Mr. H. Rider Haggard
Sir A. Conan Doyle
Lord Lindley
Hon. Spencer Lyttelton
Sir C. Wyndham
Mr. John Hare
Mr. A. W. Pinero
Mr. Cyril Maude
Sir A. Mackenzie
Sir Walter Parratt
Mr. H. W. Lucy
Mr. Linley Sambourne
Mr. Harold Spender
Mr. Bernard Partridge
Mr. Owen Seaman