The Case of Magruder's Millions (TV episode 1980)

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The Case of Magruder's Millions

The Case of Magruder's Millions is the 22th episode of the TV series Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson starring Geoffrey Whitehead as Sherlock Holmes and Donald Pickering as Dr. Watson. 1980. 24 minutes.

Fred Kimberley, the associate of Magruder, died mysteriously. Police determines that the man killed himself, clearing the weapon. Magruder, however, does not believe in this version of events. In a letter to Sherlock Holmes, he asks to examine the matter again. He then understand he is victim of a conspiracy. In his house, there are substitutions people who pretend to be his butler Riggs and his secretary Chesney, then appears a false Magruder. Magruder' nurse, Miss Collins, injects him a tranquilliser and locks him in a separate room. Everything is done to capture 100 000 pounds from the sale of the millionaire's estate to two French buyers. When Holmes arrives at the manor, he notes that the Lord has alleged dirty, worn, shoes. This confirms him in the belief that this man is not the one who he claims to be. However, the false Lord understands that the detective and Watson guessed the truth, and he locks them in the room with the true Magruder. Meanwhile, Inspector Lestrade arrived, and as Holmes managed to escape from the locked room by a secret passage, they succeed to prevent the sale and arrest the four criminals.




  • Director : Val Guest
  • Screenplay : Joe Morhaim
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Script Consultant : Anthony Burgess
  • Music : Erwin Drake
  • Composer : Stanisław Syrewicz
  • Associate Producer : Danilo Sabatini
  • Director of Photography : Gabor Pogany
  • Art Director : Aurelio Crugnola
  • Assistant Art Director : Piotr Dudzinski
  • Costume Design : Andrea Reynolds, Hanna Morawiecka
  • Assistant Director : Tony Brandt
  • Film Editor : Gabrio Astori
  • Production : Laura Fattori, Jacek Kraiński
  • Camera Operator : Grzegorz Kędzierski
  • Mixer : Jerzy Wojciechowski
  • Boomman : Aldo De Martino
  • Make-up : Grażyna Dąbrowska