The City

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The most ancient district of London.

In the Sherlock Holmes stories

  • From north, south, east, and west every man who had a shade of red in his hair had tramped into the City to answer the advertisement of The Red-Headed League. (REDH, 127)
  • The street behind Saxe-Coburg Square is one of the main arteries which convey the traffic of the City to the north and west. (REDH, 339)

  • Holmes decided to start his investigation in the City. (FIVE, 372)


Deatiled map of The City of London (1899)

The City of London is a city and county within London. It constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the agglomeration has since grown far beyond the City's borders.[4] The City is now only a tiny part of the metropolis of London, though it remains a notable part of central London. It is one of two districts of London to hold city status; the other is the adjacent City of Westminster. (wikipedia)