The Croxley Master and Other Tales of Ring and Camp

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George H. Doran Co. (1925)

The Croxley Master and Other Tales of Ring and Camp is a volume collecting 12 short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in 1925. The volume is divided in two parts : Tales of the Ring with stories of boxing, and Tales of the Camp with stories of army or war. The same content was already published in 1922 in Tales of the Ring and Camp by John Murray.




These stories have already been published in six separate volumes, which subdivided them roughly into those which dealt with the sea, with sport, with war, with the preternatural, with medicine and with history. They have been received in this form with so much kindly appreciation by the public that my publisher and I hope that they may get a permanent home on many bookshelves when issued under a single cover and at a moderate price. I am occasionally asked which of these varied subjects and styles represents my own particular choice. The answer is that I am interested in many aspects of life, and try to write only of that which really attracts me, but that if it were needful to discriminate, and if all my work were to be destroyed save only that one single section which I might elect to preserve, my choice would certainly be those short historical pictures which come under the heading of "Tales of Long Ago."

Arthur Conan Doyle.

April 26, 1929.