The Daily Sketch and Mrs. Deane

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The "Daily Sketch" and Mrs. Deane is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in Light on 6 december 1924.

Mr. Piddington and Spiritualism

Light (6 december 1924, p. 733)

Sir, — Would you kindly give publicity to the following words:

1. It was alleged by the "Daily Sketch" that Mrs. Deane was expelled from the Psychic College. This was at once denied by the College. The denial was never published by the "Sketch."

2. The "Daily Sketch" declared that such a photographic effect was easily produced. It was at once challenged by ... Stead to produce one under the same conditions. £100 being offered as a proof of bona fides. This challenge was ... and was not made public.

3. The whole case of the "Daily Sketch" rested upon an ... resemblance between the faces of certain photographed athletes and the faces in the cenotaph picture. Sir ... Keith, who is probably the highest authority in the ... upon comparative anatomy, has stated in definite terms that not one of the faces is identical.

4. The sole answer of the "Daily Sketch" is that Mrs. Deane has her remedy in the law courts.They are well .., however, that under our present obsolete law no ... has ever any remedy in the law courts.

The whole incident if typical of the kind of treatment which Spiritualists have received from a certain section of the Press. A false case is started, and them is repeated and ... commented upon by "Truth," the "Star," the "Evening Standard," and other papers which are always ... disseminate anything against Spiritualism without ... to its truth or falsehood. We are, however, ... body, as our public meetings testify, and ... cultivate our sense of solidarity and all act together ... remedy is in our own hands. — Yours, etc.,

Arthur Conan Doyle.

Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.
November 25th, 1924.