The Death of Mr. Hardy

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The Death of Mr. Hardy is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Times on 13 january 1928.

The Death of Mr. Hardy

The Times (13 january 1928, p. 13)

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SIR A. CONAN DOYLE:— Thomas Hardy came nearer to nature in his writing than any other contemporary writer, in my opinion. He was a combination of Richard Jefferies and a great novelist. I remember years ago — about 25 I should say — producing a play while Thomas Hardy was staging his Three Strangers at the same theatre in London. They were both one-act plays. Sir James Barrie produced one of his short plays at the same time. The Three Strangers always stands out in my mind. It was a delightful piece. A hangman, as it happened, was the hero. Hardy was a lovable man then and he always remained so.