The Evolution of Spiritualism

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The Evolution of Spiritualism
(1925, Hutchinson & Co., frontispiece and title page)

The Evolution of Spiritualism is a book written by Harvey Metcalfe published in february 1925 by Hutchinson & Co. and prefaced by Arthur Conan Doyle.


MATERMATERIALISM is at the base of all the troubles of the world, and will bring about far greater ones if we cannot stem it. We have to make people realize that there really is an invisible world around us, and that we need not go back two thousand years in order to get into close touch with it. When once that touch is established we gain a due sense of proportion, and we understand how small in comparison are our present griefs and trials, and we have a positive knowledge — not a mere faith — concerning the glorious future which awaits us, if we will only live up to our highest. But we are assured from those who know best, since they are already here, that in the next life nothing leads to darkness, loneliness, and sorrow so clearly as bigotry and intolerance when in this world.

Our mental condition is more important here even than our moral behaviour, for it is a more permanent thing. When mankind realizes this there will be a general effort towards that wide catholicity of thought which induced Christ to have a kind word for all save only for those self-sufficient religious people who were called Pharisees in those days, and who in various names are still, alas, so common.

They walk on a dangerous path which leads to gloom.