The Fair Land of Central America

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The Fair Land of Central America (1911)

The Fair Land of Central America is a book written by Maurice de Waleffe published in october 1911 by John Long, Ltd. and including a preface written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Preface by Arthur Conan Doyle

October 24, 1909.

Dear M. de Waleffe,

I did not reply sooner because I wanted to read your book. I have just finished it and I think it quite charming, very witty, instructive, and full of interesting observations. I am entirely of your opinion that you are the first author to write impartially about men and matters in those parts of the world.

I fear that my opinion concerning the future of Central America is worthless. But could I return to earth a hundred years after my decease, my first question would be : "What are the United States doing?" I like the people and the country, but I don't feel at all sure about their future. At the end of another hundred years, Germany, France, and England will all be represented there more or less ; but in the case of the United States, we must remember that they represent forty-five countries without a natural centrum ; and there is always a possibility that some superior force may come and dissolve the nation, either by arousing the race-hatred of the West for the East, or by future labour troubles between millionaires and workmen. I hope this will not come about, for I myself believe that the United States are a force for good in this world ; but such an event is always possible.

With sincere thanks, believe me, yours very truly,