The Flying Services Fund

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The Flying Services Fund is an article published in Flight on 2 april 1915.

The Flying Services Fund

Flight (2 april 1915, p. 228)

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and the Army Council having signified their approval, the Royal Aero Club has instituted and will administer a fund originated by M. Andre" Michelin for the benefit of officers and men of the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps who are incapacitated on active service, and for the widows and dependents of those who are killed.

The fund is intended for the benefit of all ranks, but especially for petty officers, non-commissioned officers and men.

In view of the great utility of the work of the Flying Services, evidence of which has been repeatedly given in the official despatches of the Commander-in-Chief, the skilful and daring flights into enemy country, and the protection afforded by the continuous patrolling of our coast by aircraft, it is confidently expected that the British public will welcome this opportunity of showing their appreciation by subscribing promptly and liberally to the fund.

The Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird has kindly consented to act as Honorary Treasurer to the Fund.

Subscriptions should be forwarded to The Flying Services Fund, The Royal Aero Club, 166, Piccadilly, London, W., or to Barclay and Co., Ltd., 1, Pall Mall East, London, S.W. Cheques should be crossed "Barclay and Co., Ltd."

TULLIBARDINE, Brig.-General,
Chairman of the Royal Aero Club.

£ s. d.
Total subscriptions
received to March 24th, 1915
... 7,720 8 5
Per "W." ... 0 8 6
W. H. Morrison ... 1 0 0
Miss C. I. Henderson ... 5 0 0
Miss Winifred Murton ... 0 1 0
Paula ... 0 5 0
Miss M. Cartwright ... 0 10 0
Venesta, Ltd. ... 10 0 0
Alfred W. H. Peyton ... 1 0 0
Arthur S. Morrison ... 1 1 0
Miss Nettlefold ... 50 0 0
Lady Conan Doyle ... 2 2 0

166, Piccadilly, W. — B. STEVENSON, Assistant Secretary.