The Great Boer War published by Thomas Nelson & Sons

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The Great Boer War, first print with note from Arthur Conan Doyle about it.

Thomas Nelson & Sons did a first version of The Great Boer War in 1908 which was rejected by Arthur Conan Doyle. The edition was destroyed and never published. But some were printed and rare ones fortunately survived today.

Conan Doyle refused this first print because :

  • the publisher reprinted the first edition without any revisions, and it had no maps,
  • he disliked the "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle" on the spine,
  • he disliked the use of his portrait as a frontispiece.

He wrote on his advance copy : « This volume should be unique. When I saw (with horror) that they had put my portrait upon it, I said I would destroy the whole edition rather than pass it. They then put Lord Roberts as was proper. A.C.D. »

The Great Boer War (unpublished edition)

The Great Boer War (published edition)