The Last Letter from Sherlock Holmes

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The Last Letter from Sherlock Holmes is a fictional letter used in a Beecham's Pills Ltd. advertisement, published in Tit-Bits on 27 january 1894 and in The Strand Magazine in september 1901 [1].

Another pastiche-advertisement was used by Beecham's Pills Ltd. in 1893, see Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Box.

The Last Letter from Sherlock Holmes

Dear Friend,

Mystery follows mystery, but the most mysterious thing of all is what has become of the part of my system which has almost taken the form of my second nature. I was especially cautious to provide myself with the indispensable before leaving home, but it has disappeared and I have lost all trace. I have unraveled many of other people’s losses, but here is one of my own which has thrown me on my beam ends. I would not have troubled you, but in this benighted spot, although you will scarcely credit it, I cannot procure what I much need, so send by FIRST post, as my movements are uncertain, one large box of Beecham’s Pills. Note my assumed name and enclosed address, which I beg you to destroy as I do not wish my whereabouts to be known.


S. H.

  1. not seen