The Lost World (TV movie 2001)

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The Lost World (2001)

The Lost World is a British TV movie produced by BBC released on 25 december 2001 starring Bob Hoskins as Professor Challenger. 145 minutes.

The movie is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's novel: The Lost World (1912).

The movie is the most faithful adaptation of the original novel so far, with only a few differences:

  • Maple White is replaced by Luis Mendoza (1649).
  • More characters are added to the expedition, Agnes Cluny and Rev. Theo Kerr, to bring an opposition between theology and darwinism.
  • Rev. Theo Kerr destroys the bridge trunk (instead of Gomez).
  • Life with the indian natives is developed (not in the original story).
  • Lord Roxton fell in love with a native (Maree) and stayed on the Plateau.
  • Mr. Potts is renamed by Mr. Hare.
  • After his return to London, Challenger announced that The Lost World doesn't exist, to preserve it.



  • Director : Stuart Orme
  • Screenplay : Adrian Hodges, Tony Mulholland, Arthur Conan Doyle (novel)
  • Producers : Christopher Hall
  • Executive Producer : Delia Fine, Kate Harwood, Jane Tranter
  • Co-Producer : Tim Haines
  • Supervising Producer : Emilio Nunez
  • Line Producer : Lee Morris, Nicola Olsen
  • Original Music : Rob Lane
  • Cinematography : David Odd
  • Film Editor : David Yardley
  • Casting : Janey Fothergill
  • Production Design : Rob Harris
  • Art Direction : Gary Mackay, Catrin Meredydd
  • Costume Design : James Keast
  • Makeup Designer : Jill Hagger
  • Special Makeup Effects Artist : Josh Weston
  • Post-Production Supervisor : Kate Stannard