The Lost World (movie 1960)

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The Lost World (1960)

The Lost World is an American movie produced by Twentieth Century-Fox / Saratoga Prod. released on 13 july 1960 starring Claude Rains as Professor Challenger. 97 minutes.

The movie is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's novel: The Lost World.

There is some differences with the original story:

  • Ed Malone has no fiancée, which should give him a reason to go on the adventure,
  • They reach the top of the plateau with an helicopter, as the action takes place in the 1960s,
  • Maple White (Burton White in the movie) is not dead,
  • The monsters are not dinosaurs but Komodo dragons, lizards and crocodiles (see photos), despite the fact that Irwin Allen hired Willis O'Brien, who did the dinosaurs in the 1925 adaptation of The Lost World, but they lack budget to do something better,
  • The natives are not ape-men but indian-like cannibals.


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  • Director : Irwin Allen
  • Screenplay : Charles Bennett, Irwin Allen
  • Producer : Irwin Allen
  • Music : Paul Sawtell, Bert Shefter
  • Cinematography : Winton Hoch
  • Film Editor : Hugh S. Fowler
  • Art Directors : Duncan Cramer, Walter M. Simonds
  • Set Decoration : Joseph Kish, Walter M. Scott, John Sturtevant
  • Costume Design : Paul Zastupnevich
  • Makeup : Ben Nye
  • Hair Stylist : Helen Turpin
  • Assistant Director : Ad Schaumer
  • Production Illustrator : Maurice Zuberano
  • Sound Department : Harry M. Leonard, E. Clayton Ward
  • Visual Effects : L. B. Abbott, James B. Gordon, Emil Kosa Jr.
  • Special Effects : Willis O'Brien
  • Orchestration : Sid Cutner, Howard Jackson
  • Technical Adviser : Henry E. Lester